Principal Stakeholders

The following officers/institutions will be instrumental in implementing the National Policy effectively at national level.

01. Secretary ( Ministry of Education )

02. Commander of Army

03. Commander of Navy 87

04. Commander of Air Force

05. Inspector General of Police

06. Provincial Chief Secretaries

07. Attorney General

08. Divisional Secretaries

09. Government Analyst

10. Legal Draftman

11. Director General of Health Services

12. Director General of Customs

13. Commissioner of Excise

14. Comissioner General of Prisons

15. Director General of Public Enterprises

16. Director National Budget

17. Commissioner of Ayurveda

18. Commissioner General of Labour

19. Director General of Social Services

20. Director General Samurdhi

21. Commissioner General of Probation and child care

22. Provincial Directors of Health Services

23. Director, HIV/AIDS Control Programme

24. Controller of Imports and Exports

25. Director UN (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

26. Director SAARC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

27. Director General, Plantation, Housing & Social Welfare Trust

28. Director, Medical Supplies Division

29. Director Information

30. Chairman of NYSC

31. Director, Police Nacrotics Bureau

32. Federation of NGOs Against Drug Abuse

33. Employers Federation of Ceylon

34. Private Sector Organizations The Principal stakeholders will liaise closely with the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board in the effective implementation of the National Policy.