Currently PET has achieved great success with the programmes that we initiated island wide. PET expands its services in the community conducting awareness and training programmes for the following sectors

Early childhood prevention programs for Substance Use Disorder impacts (Activity Based)

  • Educate pregnant mothers and their husbands about effects of substance use on feats period childbirth defects and importance of healthy child birth free of substance use disorders

  • Educate parents on effective child care and healthy family functions

  • Train nursery school teachers and child care officers on effective child care initiatives

  • Develop educational materials about impacts on early childhood period and child negligence impact on later personality development

Middle childhood prevention programs for SUD impacts (Activity based)

  • Student education programmes that enhance drug resistance skills and self management skills to stable healthy school and classroom environment

  • Train middle school teachers on effective ways of communication to address student's SUD issues

Early adolescence Prevention Programs for SUD impacts (Activity based)

  • Preventive Education based on personal and social skills development and coping abilities. Programmes are focused on fostering peer and drug resistance abilities, coping abilities. Programmes are focused on fostering peer and drug resistance abilities, coping abilities for challenging life situations; & providing psychological and physiological knowledge on substances.

Workplace prevention programs for government, private and non-governmental sectors

  • Substance use is very common among working adults. Preventive approaches are aimed at developing the understanding of health risks of substance use, vulnerability to unsafe sex & family defeats and importance of building healthy relationships.

Community based multi component initiatives.

  • Encourage, engage and improve the capacity of all sectors of the community to reduce the demand for substances. The preventive activities targets the young adults those who are vulnerable to substance use because of their job stress and peer influence.

Drug Prevention Training Workshops for Different Sectors.

  • PET assists and train trainers in the field of drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and different other sectors with focus on empowering them with evidence based practices to engage drug related issues effectively.