1. Introduction:


In many countries, the current dramatic spread of drug related habits, drug demand, supply, trafficking and harmful use is aggravating the suffering that comes from the chronic dependency of drugs. As a result, people at risk of severe individual, family, community and societal or already infected by addiction need tangible, targeted and immediate help before this pandemic evolves in to the biggest epidemic of the history. The Education and Training Unit of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board is mandated, via the Sri Lankan legislation and other drugs demand reduction conventions, not just to reduce the prevalence of drug abuse, but also to reduce the harm course by drugs.

Preventive Education and Training Unit believes that greater attention and more resources should be invested in drugs control programs aim at checking the vulnerabilities such as adolescents of traitor level university students, secondary level school students, risky work places workers, grass root level general public to prevent by drug related habits. To prevent their demand for substances, a program package is developed to address numerous essentialities as: larger group seminar and lecture conducting, small group intervention for selected population, participants led activity base programs for school teachers and children, picturesque leaflets designed and dissemination for drug demand reduction orientation, periodical information updates and distribution, typical intervention for knowledge updating other co-workers so on.


2. Current Programs:



   Guideline, guidance counseling and intervention.

   Education and Awareness .

   Information dissemination.

   Brief interventions .


3. Share stakeholders and Implementers:


National Training programs both in service and pre-service are undertaken to train key personal as trainers in the relevant ministers and departments such as the Social service, Health, Education, Prison, Law enforcement, (Police, Custom, and Excise) and nongovernmental organizations, volunteers, youth, policy planers, clergy, and media personal.

All efforts are made to gain multiplier effects through the training of trainers. Assisting in the development of curricula modules for including in training courses of different ministers and departments form is an integral part of the training activities.


4. To whom you contact your immediate essentialities:


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5. Preventive Education and Information Unit is the training arm of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board:


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