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40th Meeting Of The Heads Of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies (Honlea) For Asia And The Pacific

24 - 27 October 2016


International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2016

June 26 2016



Hon. Minister Sagala Rathnayake Official Visit to NDDCB

January 08 2016



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Certificate Course on Drug Counceling


January 16, 2016

Certificate course on drug counseling conducted by National Dangerous Drugs Control Board.


Welcome to the NDDCB Web Site

NDDCB is the pioneer Government Institution which discharges its functions with an aim to eradicate the drug menace from Sri Lanka. Among the other functions, providing treatment to the drug dependants and rehabilitation of drug dependants are main roles of the NDDCB. Four treatment and rehabilitation centers are being conducted under the purview of the board throughout the country with greater focus in Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Gampaha districts. Counseling service and residential treatment facilities are being provided for the drug addicts at these treatment centers.


   To lead Sri Lanka to become the pioneer in managing the outcomes and impact of drug related issues in South Asia.

   Moving towards a drug abuse free Sri Lanka by year 2020.


  • To create an environment where all sectors of the society and the public at large participate and contribute effectively together with all concerned agencies, towards eliminating the drug menace and related issues from the society.
  • To create social ethos conductive to eradicating the drug dependence, illicit trafficking and peddling.
  • To encourage the national political commitment and international co-operation towards creating a drug free society.
  • To provide leadership in implementing the national drug policy while securing the information and resource base for its effective functioning, monitoring, evaluation and review where necessary.

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new pub2  DAMS VOL:99 Annual Report(Treatment):2015

new pub2  DAMS VOL:100 1st Quarter(Treatment):2016

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Treatment Programme

A client need to stay three months at the centre for residential treatment. After the residential period is over the client is required to enrol into the relapse prevention programme. Parents/guardians are required to assist the client's recovering process and help to cope with uncomfortable feelings.

 Preventive Education & Training Programme

Preventive Education & Training unit is the major body of educating public on drug prevention, Island-wide, which has undertaken its activities based on provincial, district & community levels, from the grass-root to the top management.

 Outreach Services Programme

NDDCB has taken measures to expand its services to the grass root level by extending the outreach drug prevention and treatment programmes to the district level.

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