Preventive Education and
Training Unit

Prevention Education and Training Unit of National Dangerous Drugs Control Board mandated via Sri Lanka legislations and International drug demand reduction convention; discharged its duties actively toward a drug free Sri Lanka, promoting drug prevention activities Island wide.

PET Unit maintains a balanced and comprehensive approach to the drugs problem addressing demand which supported by evidence-based responses focusing on prevention, social integration, and sustainable livelihoods. PET Unit is building cooperation with the institutional bodies of the drug control system, International and National agencies and the scientific community to drive work that is evidenced-based.

Uphold by these evidence based sources, Preventive Education and Training Unit has identified the timely necessity of creative educational programmes targeting school students, adolescents, university students, government, non- government and private sector employees. All preventive activities are conducted by a professionally qualified and trained staff using curriculum based education theories and interactive social learning methods which contributes to enhance effective drug education and awareness in the society.

School based prevention

PET Unit conducts drug prevention programmes for school students all over the country with the aim of reducing the risks of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse by addressing the major social and psychological factors that promote the initiation of substance use and other risky behaviours. Programme provides students with the confidence and skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations.

  • TOT for Teachers
  • To achieve successful outcomes in drug prevention, it is proved that a considerable attention needed to be paid for school students to enhance personal and social competence related to preventing drug abuse. School teachers can effectively involve in these process.

    Having understood above necessity, PET Unit has designed a training programme series with the aim of providing school teachers with skill-based, theoretical and practical knowledge of drug prevention.

    Youth based prevention

  • Vocational Training Centres and Tertiary Education Institutions
  • Vocational Training Authority plans and conducts a number of training courses Island wide to provide necessary education up to graduate level. One of the major target groups of PET Unit is these students in tertiary educational institutes because these students have been identified to be a vulnerable group for abusing drugs. PET Unit conducted a series of drug awareness programmes to develop their knowledge and skills which encourage a drug free life.

  • Preventive Education for University Students
  • PET Unit has designed a skills-based programme to promote positive health and personal development for University students. This programme helps university students navigate the challenges of the University and prepares them for the independence and responsibilities that they will encounter as young adults. This programme for university students uses developmentally appropriate, collaborative learning strategies to help students achieve competency in the skills that have been shown to prevent substance use.

  • TOT for Youth
  • Evidences show that youth is a powerful force in drug prevention in the world. They have an outstanding understanding of youth more than majority of scientific researches. This makes them easy to reach their peers with positive drug prevention messages without stigmatizing. Considering these factors, a series of training of trainers workshop for selected youth leaders were conducted by PET Unit. These trained youth leaders have been conducting drug prevention campaigns in their areas under the supervision of PET Unit.

    Family based prevention

    Effective prevention programme should be able to addresses the vulnerabilities that put children and young people at risk of starting to use drugs or other risky behaviours. Families can be one of the strongest protective factors in the lives of children and early adolescence. Poor parenting, family dysfunction, neglect and abuse are some of the strongest risk factors associated with a range of risky behaviours, including substance abuse. PET unit conducts family skill development programs and educational programs to prevent drug use in families

    Larger workplace based prevention

  • Larger Work Places (BOI )
  • Workers employed in larger work places has been identified to be a high risk group for substance abuse as a result of tiring nature of the work, lack of time spend with their family members and closers, problems in time management and lack of positive relationships. Stress caused by above factors lead people to substance abuse. To address above issue effectively PET Unit conducted a considerable number of drug awareness programmes in larger work place island wide.

  • Government Officers
  • Government sector plays a vital role in country with the power of access to whole country with their administrative system. Intending using this power of accessibility to drug prevention and to increase the productivity of government officer’s, PET Unit has conducted number of awareness and training programmes for grama niladhari, samurdhi niladhari, development officers, and other field officers who employed in government sector Island wide.

  • Programmes for Law Enforcement Officers
  • It is identified that both supply reduction and demand reduction approaches are necessary to attain effective results in drug prevention. Law enforcement of emerging psychotropic substances and current trends in drug trafficking are essential in developing the efficiency of their service. To address these issues in law enforcement sector, PET Unit launched a programme series for three forces, Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Custom and other law enforcement officials.

    Community Programmes

    PET Unit conducts drug prevention programmes for community with the aim of reducing demand for substances. Researches prove that providing drug education for grass root level community generates effective outcomes in successfully managing substance related issues. It is notable that people live in community have more influence on substance users and also they are power enough to change their attitudes as they have a good understanding of their own members.

    Major objective of community programme is to reduce environmental factors and social influence that leads people to experiment and use substances. Additionally, it is intended to empower community members to avoid their closers from substance related issues and to encourage healthy lifestyle.


    Drug Prevention Exhibitions are a cost and time effective way of conveying a message to a larger group. In these exhibitions; posters, banners, and leaflets containing drug prevention messages and information were distributed among public.

    Preventive Coordinators

     Name of the officerDesignationLocationMobile NumberE mail address
    01Mr. Pradeep KoholanegedaraADHead Office071
    02Ms. Priyadarshani RathnayakeEIOHead Office071
    03Ms. Kumuduni JayathilakaEIOHead Office077
    04Mr. Chamara PradeepEIOHead Office071
    05Ms.J.A.D  Chandima JayakodyEIOHead Office071
    06Mr. H.M RanasingheEIOHead Office071
    07Ms. Inusha HettiarachchiEIOPuttalam District071 9273243 076
    08Ms. Sewwandi JayakodiEIOKurunagala District076
    09Ms.Thilini WeerasekaraAEIORathnapura District071 8549291 077
    10Ms. Harshani AriyarathneAEIOGampaha District075
    11Ms. Chamalee JeewanthiAEIOKalutara District075 8282541 076
    12Mr. Suchinthana DasunAEIOHead Office071
    13Ms. Isurika NadeeshaniAEIOGalle District071
    14Ms. K.H. Maheshi MadushaniAEIOColombo District071 8549283 076
    15Mr. RashadAEIOAmpara District076 7191119 
    16Ms. Dilhara WaragodaAEIOGampaha District
    17Ms. Priyanthi HewageAEIO
    18Mr. W.G.S UdanaDEIAColombo District071
    19Ms. Sahangee AlwisDEIAGalle District077
    20Ms. L.A.C Wijerathna YapaDEIAMatara District071
    21Ms. Surangi NawalahewageDEIAHambanthota District071 9069706 077
    22Ms. Dulshani TharakaDEIAColombo District071
    23Ms. W.M Trishnika WijekoonDEIAKandy District070 2027875 070

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