Outreach division

The Outreach Unit of the NDDCB is entrusted with the responsibility of extending the Board’s services (prevention, treatment and rehabilitation) to drug-dependent persons and their families, high-risk groups in the community and the general public by conducting community programmes, mobile awareness, and establishment and maintaining a communication network between Divisional Secretaries, Grama Niladaries, field Officers, community leaders and civil society organizations to develop programmes on discouraging the abuse of drugs. Further, this Unit has to evaluate the effect and success of aforesaid programmes by carrying out continuous follow-up activities.
Community outreach services for drug dependence treatment and prevention play a crucial role in addressing the complex issues surrounding drug dependence. By offering support, education, and access to treatment, these services help individuals struggling with addiction while also fostering prevention efforts within the community.
NDDCB has taken measures to expand its services to the provincial, district, divisional and community levels. A programme has been launched in order to strengthen the capacity of the Divisional Secretariat Divisions and civil society organizations for drug prevention and treatment.

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